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Stump Grinding & Tree Services in Boston, MA

Experienced and trained tree stump removal and stump grinding with unrivaled customer service!

The professionals at Fenway BackBay Plowing have been serving the Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas for years in tree removal and stump grinding. As a locally owned and operated business, we want our neighbors to receive expert and professional customer care. If you are wanting a beautiful yard, professionally done and at an affordable price, contact us at (857) 272-4901.

When talking about why homeowners should hire a tree services company, an important thing to remember is tree trimming. There is a lot more to tree trimming than just sawing off the limbs of a tree and trimming should be considered a necessary part of maintaining trees and shrubs. Homeowners that hire a company for tree services should make sure to remember that trimming can promote strong growth, accelerate the production of flowers and fruit, help out with the overall health of a plant, also can make the tree or shrub become more visually appealing. However, homeowners should not attempt to do this on their own unless they have the proper knowledge in the field from years of training, simply because it is critical to the health of the plant.

We have an understanding of the needs of homeowners and want to make sure that we provide them with the best experience possible.

Our innovative stump grinder is remote controlled and drivable, allowing us to get directly on top of the stump for the best removal possible. Each job is clean and fast. Plus, tree stump grinding will make your landscaping a safe place for the family to play. It will also stop unwanted insects from invading your grounds and turning the stump into a new home. You don’t termites or carpenter ants as roommates.