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Sanding and Salting in Boston, MA

Sanding and Salting Service

At Fenway BackBay Snow Plowing, we're dedicated to providing reliable service all year long. You can count on us to be there after a heavy snowfall or an ice storm. We'll ensure the areas surrounding your property are safe by salting and sanding them.

You don't have to struggle with a frozen driveway any longer. Count on us to make your roads usable again with our salting and sanding services. Nothing is more effective than salting and sanding when it comes to frozen roads. Our services can help keep your neighborhood safe. Whether it’s your commercial sidewalk or parking lot, you can rely on us to provide you with efficient and affordable salting and sanding services. You can also hire our contractual snow removal service to transport mounds of unwanted snow to off-site locations.

Our professional, trained drivers put down the right amount of salt for your parking lot or driveway. We use satellite images to measure the square footage of your property, then tell our drivers to apply the correct amount of salt or sand. Our sidewalk shoveling crews carry salt bags with them. After clearing the sidewalks with their man power, they disperse salt all over the sidewalk to prevent ice build up and melt any leftover snow.

We operate several different trucks specifically for salting or sanding applications. We also have one or two employees on call during the entire winter season to salt all of the clients who need it. We are dedicated to keeping your property safe and profitable. By keeping your lot ice free you are keeping customers and preventing potentially costly accidents. When the weather calls for it, we offer sand applications to give traffic added traction during slippery conditions. Salt does not work at temperatures below about 15° F. This is where sand comes in to help your parking lot. Sand provides traction for vehicles and your feet when traversing very icing stretches in the extreme cold. We mix our sand with winter salt to prevent the sand from freezing and clumping on your paved areas.