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Asphalt Repairs & Maintenance Services

Asphalt Maintenance

As your full-service paving company, Fenway BackBay Snow Plowing can take care of your pavement for years to come. Our services range from driveway repairs to parking lot maintenance. We can help you protect your investment and maximize the life of your asphalt.

Thanks for your interest in Fenway BackBay Snow Plowing. We are the leading asphalt and concrete contractor in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We invite you to explore our site which we have designed to be useful, convenient, and informative. Asphalt pavement structures, when properly designed and installed, are intended to be a long lasting investment. Over time, issues may arise that could threaten the integrity and longevity of your asset causing the need for asphalt Maintenance. Take a quick tour of the site to help guide your decision making as a consumer of asphalt and concrete pavement services. You will find useful and practical information about asphalt and concrete pavements, factors that threaten to degrade and deteriorate the asphalt material, as well as current methods of protecting and extending the life of your investment.

Paving and sealcoating

When you want paving contractors with extensive knowledge, you want to work with Fenway BackBay Snow Plowing to ensure your job will be done properly and last for years to come. To ensure that your blacktop will stay its natural color, we can sealcoat it for you. Sealcoating your driveway or parking lot will also help prevent cracks due to freezing temperatures in cold winter climates.

Professional and knowledgeable contractors

When you need your road or driveway paved, you need to know that it will be done properly. To ensure that you’re getting the best contractors available, we promise to use the knowledge we have acquired to give you the smoothest space. What more, you get a FREE sealcoat with a paid newly installed driveway.

We have been able to gain a very respectable reputation by consistently going above and beyond our customers expectations. From asphalt paving to parking area maintenanc. Asphalt repair can be accomplished even if action has not been taken at the first sign of a problem. Don’t let it become so bad that the area must be completely replaced. However in many cases, even major cracking can be resolved with asphalt repair methods. Give us a call at (857) 272-4901 Top Quality Asphalt so we can inspect the situation and let you know whether asphalt repair is still an option.